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• Lawyer`s and court fees paid after an incident of self-defense, including- Armed robbery with a firearm carries a mandatory minimum of five years in a state prison. A subsequent offence of armed robbery with a firearm carries a mandatory minimum of fifteen years in state prison. Defending an armed robbery can be a very complicated and demanding job, especially in the face of the possibility of a life sentence. It is important for your lawyer to consider all kinds of defenses, including requests for repression. An experienced defense attorney can tell if an erroneous identification process led to your arrest or if certain evidence was obtained illegally. An experienced lawyer might also be able to reach an agreement that reduces charges of unarmed theft or theft. The penalties are even harsher and require a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in prison if you wore a mask or disguised your facial features during the flight. A subsequent offence of armed robbery while wearing a mask or otherwise obscuring your facial features will result in a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison. We continue to fight this restriction imposed by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner in Washington, as we have done in recent years.

Please share our optimism for a good solution in the courts and check regularly for updates. Updates are regularly published on as the case progresses. If you would like to provide us with your comments, we recommend that you share your thoughts with the Https:// Insurance Commissioner. –Continued funding of defence costs after self-defence in the event of criminal charges or civil actions. • Access to a growing national network of lawyers and legal experts. To learn more, click here. Armed citizens have a number of options for post-defense support. These include network membership benefits, as well as competitors selling insurance, prepaid legal services plans, and hybrids. Often, callers ask how to dial. While we can`t talk about what other companies are doing, we`re happy to give an in-depth look at the benefits of joining the network. • Education: 14 full video lectures and a 235-page book so you know what`s right, what to expect, and how to best interact with the criminal justice system.

– Deposit of fees paid to your lawyer immediately after self-defense for representation during interrogation and other key defense services if a legitimate use of force for self-defense is demonstrated. Washington State Residents, please note: As of March 26, 2020, the network will not be able to accept new memberships from Washington State residents until further notice. We are permitted to serve and renew existing members, but we cannot accept new orders from Washingtoners from that date. Ohio Basics Pistol Safety Course to get Ohio ccw. We still have a few open positions, call us at 330-241-2273 Kevin Liska, Senior Instructor, is taking an Ohio Concealed Handgun (CCW, CHL) training course on pistol shooting basics that meet Ohio Concealed Carry training requirements. Our course fee is now only $80. This class covers everything you need to complete the train. Basic gun safety course required by the State of Ohio. Due to the extra interest in this course, I opened on Saturday, November 20 for classes. We offer a special price of $80 for one person and the peculiarity is that you save $20 when two people sign up at the same time. Please call us at 330.

Armed robbery is considered a serious crime in Massachusetts. He is liable from state prison to state prison. To be convicted of armed robbery in Massachusetts, prosecutors must prove that you: We still have a few vacancies for our class as of September 18. Call us to arrange the schedule Click here or on the cover (left) to download what every gun owner needs to know about the law on self-defense, or click here for a printed copy. We are moving on October 1, 2021 and are planning now. Call us at 330-241-2273 or 330-999-1135 for availability. Classes are 10/2, 10/9, 10/24 Download our free 46-page PDF that tells the story of a man from Tucson, AZ, who was attacked by three people in his own driveway, and the trials he went through to defend himself against criminal charges that the prosecutor pursued twice. Free download available here or click on the cover (left). We still have a few vacancies for our last course at our current location. After that date, we will move to our new location for our class on October 2nd, so give us a call. Bail Assistance: The network will work with the member to arrange a deposit after the member has used force in self-defence.

New members pay $135 for their first annual dues and renewing members pay $95 per year. Members can add a member living in the same household for an additional $60 per year. (Multi-year rates available.) • Boards of our Advisory Board, composed of recognized leaders in the field of self-defense training: Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Tom Givens, Emanuel Kapelsohn, Dennis Tueller, Karl Rehn and Marie D`Amico, led by the president of the network, Marty Hayes.


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