Bible Distribution

One of the good news stories coming out of China today is that there is a printing press that is printing Bibles in very large numbers. In 2015, the Amity Printing Co. printed almost 7 million Chinese Bibles, openly and legally. Our Chinese Christian leader colleagues have asked us to help them get these Bibles into the hands of people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford them. In rural areas of China, we are seeing a two-fold process where on one hand, these are the areas where Christianity is growing the fastest, but these new Christians are also among the poorest in China. The average rural Chinese we minister to makes about $6.00 U.S. a month, and although the Bibles are subsidized by the United Bible Societies, when you are only making $6.00 a month, $4 for a Bible is a big cost! As an example, , one Christian sister shared with us that she had become a Christian three years earlier, but the nearest Bible was 2 miles away, so once a month, she would walk to see this Bible, would copy down portions of Scripture, walk the 2 miles back home, and her, her husband and daughter would read and memorize the portions, then go back for more. Her experience is very typical in these rural areas of China, as many of these rural Christians have such a deep longing for God’s word, and as we are able to distribute Bibles and get them there first Bible ever, what an impact that has on them, their families, and their ability to share Christ with those around them!


Our Bible Distribution Events typically are done in 10,000 Bible blocks and we know that from pasts events, that each Bible we distribute leads to 3 conversions to Christ each! That means that for each event we accomplish, we are seeing 30,000 Chinese come to know Jesus each time! What a deep impact, and we’d love to have your help to get more Bibles into the hands of those who desperately need them!