Bible Translation

In China today, there are 180 (give or take) languages that have no portion of the Bible translated into their language. That means these people groups have no ability to read the Bible in their ‘heart’ language. Most of these people groups also have no Christian witness in their ‘village’ to teach them about God.

We currently have one Bible Translation project, in the QuGu dialect of the Qiang language, a minority people group exclusively in China. We have a 5 person team who is now ready to begin Bible Translation. We have one additional project ready to start after this one gets started. We’re so thrilled that our good friends with an established Bible Translation ministry are eager to come along side of us to provide logistical and financial support.

We know through 10 years of Bible Distribution the deep value the Bible has in the lives of rural Christians, and we’re excited to be a part of getting the Bible translated into these 180 languages! This truly is a Great Commission project, to get God’s word translated into these languages!

To learn more about the Qiang people and the new writing system of QuGu Qiang, please visit this informative website.