B&M Property Requirements

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our retail standards are as high as possible. We believe our stores should be clean, well-lit, attractive and easy to buy. The décor of our store is exactly the same as that used by major UK retailers and supermarkets. We pride ourselves on our bright and modern display cases and generally use good quality decorative vinyl flooring, hanging ceilings and recessed lights to provide our shoppers with a pleasant environment and a positive shopping experience. With a large national estate, we have a dedicated property maintenance department that ensures that we take care of your assets as if they were our own. Our focus on the world`s leading brands is complemented by our increasingly popular range of private labels, which our customers trust for exceptional quality and value. We have two formats: B&M Bargains and B&M Home Store. The former has between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet of retail space. The highly competitive offering attracts a high customer base, with stores making 10,000 transactions per week on average and peaking at nearly 30,000 per week.

This frequency of visitors is one of the most appreciated by a UK retailer and shows the user-friendly offer we bring to any retail destination. Since September 2012, some stores have also been selling National Lottery merchandise. [24] Long-income retail investment opportunity Rented to B&M If you think you have suitable premises that B&M can use as a business, please email us. Up to 30% of B&M`s inventory comes from and is purchased directly in China, although the retailer believes it can offset higher import costs by increasing sales volumes. Less than 10% of their products sell for £1, giving them an edge over single-price competitors like Poundland. [23] As at 31 January 2018, B&M European Value Retail S.A. had issued 1,000,561,222 ordinary shares at an opening price of 10 pence. [20] The company was founded by Malcolm Billington as Billington & Mayman and the first store opened in Cleveleys, England in 1978 and was acquired by Simon and Bobby Arora of Phildrew Investments in December 2004. [4] Since our first listing on the London Stock Exchange in 2014, B&M has experienced excellent growth given the public`s appetite for a good deal.

Our management team has years of experience sourcing products for blue chip retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Asda. Officials had already visited in June 2011 and found numerous violations of the order, including blocked emergency exits. However, it turned out that the shortcomings had been repeated during the review and that the company had been fined £32,984.17. [39] In July 2017, the company completed the acquisition of the smallest frozen food chain Heron Foods for £152 million. [17] [18] In 2018, the company attempted to switch from Heron Food stores to B&M Express. [19] B&M European Value Retail S.A., formerly known as B&M Bargains, Bargain Madness and Billington & Mayman (also known as B&M Homestore), is a British-Luxembourgian chain of grape variety stores founded in 1978 and registered in Luxembourg. It employs more than 32,000 people. [3] It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100 index. In November 2014, the company opened its 400th store (in Stockport)[15] and claims to serve more than three million customers every week. [16] But our efforts to be at the forefront of retail don`t stop at the shop floor. At B&M, we value the role our employees and customers play in their communities, and when we open our doors in a new location, we open our arms to the community.

Our store openings celebrate our people in the city by inviting representatives from local charities that are making a difference in the area to help us cut the ribbon. We are always receptive to fundraising ideas and believe that this commitment at the local level helps build strong relationships that allow us to be part of these communities. Added to this are the many partnerships we have with regional and national organizations; We regularly donate to Barnado`s and Cash for Kids, among others. In September 2020, the company announced plans to open about 45 stores offering everything from canned and frozen meals to wallpapers and bedding equipment, which has become a lockdown phenomenon. [28] In 2018, B&M was fined a record £480,000 by Barkingside Magistrates` Court for selling knives to three children under the age of 18 during test purchases at shops in Redbridge and Barking.


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