Military Legal Acronyms

FSH: Family Separation Apartments FTA: Transfer Allowance Abroad HDIP: Incentive Bonus for Risk Services HDP: HFP / PDI Hardship Fee: Hostile Fire Payment / Face Danger Indemnity IMO: Independent Medical Opinion IMA: A single reservist participating in exercises, trained and assigned to an active component organization, selective service system or federal emergency administration agency that must be filled, or mobilized shortly after. Individual engagement increases part-time training with these organizations to prepare for mobilization. Inactive duty training for individual mobilization increases is decided by component policy and can vary between 0 and 48 exercises per year. Also called IMA. App. §501 et seq.) PADS: Special Assignment Allowance SF: Standard Form IMS: Service Members Group Life Insurance SSDI: Social Security Disability Insurance FVWS: Support Services for Veteran Families SUD: Substance Use Disorders LWT: Transitional Medical Assistance Program KI: Head Injury TC: Transitional Allowance TCS: Temporary Change of Ward TDY: Temporary assignment of less than 6 months, usually with a daily allowance for accommodation, meals and utilities. Title 10: of the United States Code, deals with the mission and role of the U.S. Army and includes all branches and active duty and reserves Title 32: of the United States Code, Treaty National Guard Exercise Status TMC: The Military Community TRICARE: Health Program for Uniformed Soldiers, Retirees and Their Families, 10 USCS 1072 (7) TRO: Tricare Regional Office TSP: Savings Plan UCJM: Uniform Code of Military Justice UCX: Unemployment Compensation for Former Military Personnel (20 CFR Part 614; 5 U.S.C. §§ 8521-8525) UNI: UOCAVA: Uniformed UOCAVA: Uniformed Citizens Absent in Uniform and Abroad Act (42 U.S.C. § 1973ff) USERRA: Uniform Employment and Service Reemployment Rights Act (38 U.S.C. § 4301 ff) USFSPA: Ex-spouse Protection Act (10 U.S.C.R.

§ 1408) VA: Veterans Administration VBA: Administration of Veterans Benefits VEAP: Veterans Education Assistance Program VFW: Veterans of the Foreign Wars of the United States VHA: Veterans Health Administration VMLI: Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance VONAPP: Online Application for Veterans VR&E: Berufliche Rehabilitation Beschäftigung VSC: Veteran Service Centre VSO: Veterans Services Organization VSR: Veterans Services Representative W: Warrant Officer WTRP: Women`s Trauma Recovery Program 10/10 Regel: 10 Jahre Ehe während 10 Dienstjahren anrechenbar auf Altersrente. Direct payment from DFAS to the former spouse for retirement salary splitting as an asset reward under the USFSPA if the former spouse was married to a member of the service for at least 10 years, during which time the service employee served at least 10 years of eligible service at retirement 20/20/15: 20 years of marriage, 20 years of qualifying service and 15 years of overlap. The former spouse is entitled to military medical care for one year after divorce 20/20/20: 20 years of marriage, 20 years of qualifying service, and 20 years of overlap. The former spouse is entitled to all military benefits and settlement privileges. Here is a long list of military acronyms, abbreviations and related terms, including slang, informal terminology and approved by the Department of Defense (DOD). Search for the list of acronyms letter by letter or use the search box to quickly search for an acronym and its meaning. Military jargon includes many acronyms. To help you, we`ve provided you with this guide to acronyms.

The acronyms chosen are the ones we found most common when it comes to legal issues for soldiers, veterans and their families.


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