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Mickey Haller is a Los Angeles lawyer whose “office” is the back seat of his Lincoln Town Car. He is also the half-brother of Michael Connelly`s other iconic creation: LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. When Haller agrees to defend a wealthy broker accused of assault, he expects to amass a small fortune in billable hours. Instead, it meets pure evil. To save the life of an innocent man, Haller must bend the law to its limits. Full of dark details, dark humor and high-stakes action, The Lincoln announced that attorney Connelly will be the lead actor in the legal thriller. But when he takes on the case of a wealthy man accused of attempted murder, Mickey begins to wonder if his client is really guilty. The stakes are high, and Mickey will have to use all his legal skills to uncover the truth. If you`re looking for a legal thriller that will leave you perplexed until the end, The Lincoln Lawyer is a must. Next month, Celadon will publish M.T.

Edvardsson`s A Nearly Normal Family, the gripping story of a defense attorney who wonders if her 18-year-old daughter committed a brutal murder. In anticipation, we look at the 10 best legal thrillers of all time. From international blockbusters to hidden gems, these classics offer unbeatable drama without you having to register for the jury. Rick Treon is a former journalist who now writes crime thrillers. His debut album, Deep Background, is available in paperback, e-book and audiobook. Visit to learn more about him and his work. The Lincoln Lawyer is one of the best legal thrillers of all time. It`s a quick read that will captivate you from start to finish.

Michael Connelly is a master of the legal thriller genre, and this book is one of his best. The story follows defense attorney Mickey Haller, who specializes in representing clients he knows to be guilty. Filled with psychological suspense and wonderfully infused with fear, The Watching is a must-see for fans of legal thrillers. The world`s #1 bestselling author, James Patterson, is back with a new thriller co-written with Nancy Allen – The Jailhouse Lawyer. Erva, Alabama is a sleepy city where very few crimes seem to occur outside of offenses. The fines and shoplifting are about as savage as the crimes committed in this small town. But if so, why is the prison so overcrowded? When lawyer and single mother Martha Foster tries to find out what`s going on in her city, she faces a corrupt judge. And maybe end up in jail themselves. Legal thrillers often deal with complex issues that require a lot of legal knowledge to be fully understood.

As a result, these books can be both very educational and entertaining. For many readers, legal thrillers offer a challenging and challenging way to learn more about the law. The story is a gripping story about fraud, murder and an incredible trial. Along the way, the reader gets an insider`s look at the legal system, and the novel culminates in a heartbreaking confrontation in the courtroom. If you`re looking for a legal thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Anatomy of a Murder is definitely worth checking out. In Your Defence is a non-fiction book, a kind of memoir, sort not, of a British criminal defence lawyer. Sarah Langford takes the reader through various cases she has worked on during her career. It gives you a fantastic insight into UK defence law and covers heartbreaking cases. It was the devouring of In Your Defence that made me look for legal thrillers in the first place. Of course, John Grisham came several times! Monster is one for YA readers and another racist legal novel with a powerful writing style. This is a 16-year-old man accused of acting as a security guard during a murder in Harlem. Mention Marcia Clark`s legal thriller, Blood Defense, and you`re sure to grab people`s attention.

Clark is best known for her work as a prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and she brings the same level of expertise to her writing. After developing a passion for legal and legal thrillers, I decided it was time to make a list of the best legal thrillers that aren`t John Grisham. When it comes to legal thrillers, there are few writers who can match Robert Dugoni`s skills. His novel My Sister`s Grave is one of the best examples of his work in this genre. The story follows protagonist Tracy Crosswhite, who investigates the unsolved case of her sister`s murder. Along the way, Tracy must contend with unscrupulous lawyers, corrupt cops, and a legal system that seems determined to prevent her from finding the truth. The story follows Joe Dillard, a criminal defense attorney, as he takes on the case of a mysterious girl accused of murder. Dillard knows his client is innocent, but he also knows the odds are against him. As the clock ticks, Dillard must race against time to find the real killer before it`s too late. An Innocent Client is a legal thriller that will leave you perplexed until the end. If you`re looking for a legal thriller that will keep you awake all night, then this book is for you.

Many people like to read legal thrillers because they are full of suspense, excitement, and intrigue. Also, these types of books usually have strong characters and stories. Blood Defense is the story of Samantha Brinkman, a criminal defense lawyer who wants to make a name for herself and get into the big leagues. When one of her clients is accused of murder, Samantha must put all her skills to the test to save him. The book is full of twists and turns, and Clark knows exactly how to make the reader guess. If you`re looking for a legal thriller, Blood Defense is the perfect choice. Turow`s mastery of the court drama comes into its own in this novel, and he deftly weaves several stories together to create a captivating and suspenseful story. In addition, the characters are richly drawn and absolutely believable, making Innocent one of the best legal thrillers of all time.

Angie Kim won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel for Miracle Creek, and with the slight touch of science fiction, I can understand why! Miracle Creek is an experimental medical device owned by Young and Pak Yoo. The legal part comes when something goes wrong and patients are killed. This book deserves its place on a list of the best legal thrillers! Whatever the subject of a legal thriller, whether it`s a classic detective novel, a domestic noir novel, or a psychological adventure, the pursuit of justice will always be at the center. But what I particularly like are the complex twists and turns that accompany the legal mechanics. Gabriel Soto is a social hermit accused of murdering Melina Mora.


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