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Belmont Farm also officially bottles Tim Smith`s Climax Moonshine from Moonshiners. Chuck estimates that the distillery now sells about 10,000 cases – 120,000 bottles – a year. With his signature overalls, often shirtless and endearing commitment to his family`s moonlight legacy, it`s hard not to love Tim Smith. It was particularly touching to see Tim turn his illegal business into something real in May 2013. It`s been almost ten years since he teamed up with Belmont Farm Distillery, where his signature Climax Moonshine was born, and it`s still going strong. With moonshiners, its spin-offs and its own legal moonshine, people are curious about Tim Smith`s fortune. When Tim talks about moonshine production and how it`s been passed down over a few generations, it`s almost romantic. In an interview with WHHITV in April 2014, Tim was still pretty evasive about the process, even though he had been on the legal side of things for almost a year at the time. But if you`d rather not try the bootleg backwoods, you can visit the Belmont Farm distillery in Culpeper, Virginia, and meet Check Miller, the man who made America`s first legal moonshine. The legal moonshine here is slowly distilled into a copper pot to preserve all the aroma and taste of a good fresh corn whiskey. Chuck continues the tradition of producing pot still whiskey with his centerpiece Copper Pot Still, which he bought from the Feds. He says that`s what gives his moonlight that unique flavor.

In fact, the fascination with moonlight has become so popular that the illegal beginnings of illegal shows like Moonshiners continue to make it a big hit for The Discovery Channel, a reminder that most things are still done undercover. The license to obtain from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms took a few years, but in 1988 it became the first legal moonshiner in the United States. Moonshiners is back for his new season, but don`t expect so much outlaw antics, especially from Tim Smith. Tim Smith is just one of many Shiners who are regularly featured on the show. Like the others, he used the show to explain and dramatize the moonlight tradition. However, Tim decided to shift gears and focus more on making moonshine through legal means. He recently partnered with Belmont Distillery to create Climax Moonshine, his own glossy brand that is completely legal. Moonlight may no longer be secret, but Tim still clings to tradition. Its moonlight is distilled in pots and made with corn, as it always has been. According to Tim, the lifestyle change has been good, although she has her own problems.

Moonshiners is a show on Discovery Network that follows the misadventures of several different shiners. Shiners are people involved in the illegal production and sale of moonlight. For those who don`t know, moonlight is an alcoholic beverage. Like most other countries, America has a long history of people making their own grain-based alcohols. Moonlight is the most striking example and is produced in the Appalachian Mountains and the southern United States. The problem is that the independent production and distribution of moonlight is illegal. In the series, the fact that their moonshine is illegal makes it a great entertainment. The various Shiners must continue to evade law enforcement while continuing to produce, transport and sell their moonshine. “Moonshiners: Master Distiller” involves illegal activities – where is it filmed? Belmont Farm is also the only distillery in the United States that grows its own grain.

Millers grow their own maize on the farm, harvest it, grind it and distill it until final bottling. This has forced all Shiners to find new and more interesting ways to hide their activities. In recent seasons, there was even a group of Shiners who built a raft in the moonlight. This allowed them to float their entire distillery on a lake. It was certainly clever, although most Shiners settle for a more reasonable operation in a forest or other remote location. Some shoeshine also keep things fresh by experimenting with alcohol itself. This includes the plethora of attempts to distill new creative flavors of moonlight, including apple pie and other candy. Overall, though, the fun of the show is watching the Shiners themselves.

Although they sometimes struggle, they are always willing to do anything to create the perfect batch of shine. There are certainly strong personalities in the show, and that`s good for that. At the time of writing, TV Show Casts has estimated Tim Smith`s net worth at around $700,000. You could say that Tim has really diversified his portfolio since the beginning of the show, from the very illegal activity of making and selling moonshine to the very legal activity of a real company selling moonshine. Chuck and his wife, Jeanette, founded Belmont Farm Distillery on their Virginia farm, made moonlight, and continued a legacy from his grandfather, who in his time illegally mined moonshine all the way to Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Chuck remembers his grandfather as a dairy farmer. You can watch Moonshiners every Tuesday at 9pm on the Discovery Channel. You can also watch on-demand replays with your cable provider. If you want to watch online or off your TV, visit the Discovery Go app or website. Here you will find the latest episodes as well as past episodes. All episodes are available for free, but you`ll need to prove your cable subscription to access past seasons. Discovery Go also has a lot of additional content, as well as any other show available through the Discovery Network.

And if you still can`t get enough moonshiners, check out the spin-off show Whiskey Business. In Whiskey Business, Shiner Tim Smith tries to help another brewer who owns a bankrupt whiskey distillery in Tennessee. The show follows the typical corporate makeover format, where Tim offers his expertise. In this case, the alcohol is whiskey, although Tim has nevertheless proven to be a competent brewer. Check out Whiskey Business and Moonshiners every week on the Discovery Channel. Today, moonshine itself is not illegal. As Tim Smith has proved, it is entirely possible to legally distill and sell alcohol. The problem is that most of the show`s producers don`t go to a registered distillery. Like everything else that is done for sale and consumption, the U.S. government has certain regulations and standards. This is meant to protect the consumer and is especially important with things like alcohol, which can be fatal if produced incorrectly. To legally sell moonlight, you need to register your distillery and prove that you comply with brewing and sales regulations.

Unfortunately, it takes money, time, and effort to complete the process and run a legal business. For many moonshiners, they learned to do moonshine based on the knowledge of generations. They do not have the resources or the inclination to adapt their production to the strict standards required for a legal operation. Tim, a third-generation moonshiner, defied adversity by launching his own Real Deal legal brand Climax Moonshine. In a recent interview, he explained that, as with illegal operations, “you don`t have many people talking to you and asking you questions, no one is in your wallet.” While he has to face “more responsibility” in legal operations. The eyes are on you 24 hours a day. However, it`s not all bad. He said he seized the opportunity because “it was my chance to show the world what real moonlight should look like.” The rest of the Shiner will resume its activities as usual. Expect the same rush to bring glamour, with all the drama expected. There will be close discussions with law enforcement, battles with the weather and, of course, a lot of distillation.


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