Mp High Court Case Number

Check the status of pending and closed cases through the Madhya Pradesh High Court Jabalpur High Court Case Status Information System. Users can check the status by selecting the folder type and case number. Users can file their complaints online with the Madhya Pradesh Police. Users must provide information about the district and police department, the type of complaint, the date of the event, the details of the suspect, etc. Personal data such as name, address, proof of identity, contact number, etc. are also required. Browse the daily online list of Indore benches in the Madhya Pradesh High Court. Users can search the daily list of cases by lawyer name, case number, plaintiff name, and defendant name. Access to the full list of daily causes is also available. “+ xhr2.responseText; document.getElementById(“bt22”).style.display = “inline”; const audio = document.querySelector(“audio”); (function ($) { $.ajax({ URL: `audio.php`, method:`post`, data:{captcha:`ankur`}, success: function(data1) { audio.src = “data:audio/wav;base64,” + data1; } }); }) (jQuery); return showhide (`footer`,`none`); } else { document.getElementById(`r_box_lw`).innerHTML=” File your complaint with the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission. Select the complaint category, language, date, district and write the description and name of the complaints, etc. to submit this online form.

These Ministry of Home Affairs services are accessible through various channels facilitated by the parliamentary government, such as e-KYC, LSK, CSC and DFO kiosks. For more information on kiosk locations, required documents, schedule, etc., visit the MP e-District website.


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