National Gallery of Art Rules

Please share the rules with your students and companions before and during your visit. Smoking is prohibited in all National Gallery of Canada facilities. Open Access Policy for Images of Works of Art that Are in the Public Domain Inside a National Gallery of Canada building, you must not: Do you have a question? Contact us at [email protected] or call 202.737.4215. The National Gallery of Canada`s permanent collections range from Byzantine altarpieces to pop art. All collections can be explored online. A Braille transcript of the East Building audio tour is available upon request at the East Building atrium information desk. Braille transcripts of the West Block Featured Selections and Kids West Audio Tours are available upon request at the West Building Rotunda Information Desk. Do not project images of any kind onto the buildings or artwork of the National Gallery of Canada. To inquire about the availability of images, please contact us at [email protected], please include the access number, the name of the artist and the title of the work in your email. 11) How do I report an error in a wall label? If you think you have found a defect in our wall labels, please send an email to [email protected]. Add the object name and access number (looks like: 1942.1.5) and the error and we will investigate. We offer five different dining experiences on our campus, from La Colombe Latte to the tap of our Garden Café to homemade flatbread at the Sculpture Garden Pavilion Café.

Works in the public domain are those that are not protected by copyright. We started this open access policy with digital images of artworks that we believe to be in the public domain. However, it may be possible to find information online using a web search engine and include some of the following terms: Join us and share your observations, questions and ideas. No background of art or art history needed. From 18 years old. This tour makes the collections more accessible to visitors living with vision loss. The basic teaching methodology is called intensive verbal description, although some visits may contain tactile elements. Accessibility The 6th Street entrance to the West Building on Constitution Avenue and the 4th Street entrance to the East Building have ramps for visitors in wheelchairs. Please inform the planner and instructors of any special needs prior to your visit.

Can the Nationalgalerie tell me the monetary value of a work of art I own? Security personnel are present to ensure that art is kept safe for your enjoyment and that of future generations. We offer personal and virtual school visits. Photography for personal use, including flash, is permitted, except in special exhibitions and where expressly prohibited. Monopods and tripods are not allowed. 1) Are there discounts for students or seniors at the Nationalgalerie cafes? Construction hours The east building and the west building are open daily from 10:00 to 17:00. Passes are no longer required The gallery offers free Wi-Fi, which can be accessed by selecting the “NGA_Public_WiFi” network. Read the gallery`s Wi-Fi policy. This information is available in Español, English, Pусский, 中文, 日本語, Italiano, English.

For updates on renovations, please visit the Renovation Information page. There are no discounts for students or seniors in our cafes, although 10% discounts are available for national members. Group visitors can purchase individual lunches at the full-service cafeteria or arrange group meals 72 hours in advance by calling (202) 712-7458. Menus and ordering information for group meals can be found here. Alternatively, packed lunches can be dropped off in the cloakrooms at the entrances to the National Gallery and then consumed outside the museum. During their visit, students will need appropriate supervision. Groups must have one accompanying adult for every 10 students. The chaperones are responsible for the follow-up and accompaniment of the students at all times.

Portable hearing aids Assistive hearing aids are also available for use in any public program with three weeks` notice. Please contact us at (202) 842-6905 or by email. The use of tripods, easels and drawing materials in ink or chalk is prohibited without special prior authorization. 2) Am I allowed to walk in the sculpture garden? The works of art in the sculpture garden are arranged around a landscape of local vegetation. We ask you to stay on the trails so that everyone can enjoy art in a natural environment. The National Gallery of Art does not endorse or prohibit links to its website unless such links constitute an endorsement or affiliation with the National Gallery of Art. Copyright Notice This video is for teaching purposes only. Except for providing a link to this website to another teacher to teach in your school, neither the video nor any part thereof may be distributed in any way (including linking to this website or distributing its URL or address) without the prior written permission of the National Gallery of Art (the Gallery). Neither this video nor any part of it may be modified or copied without the prior written permission of the Gallery. Yes.

For more information, see Accessibility. The National Gallery of Art houses a collection of masterpieces – American and European paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings and photographs – from the late Middle Ages to the present day. With the aim of completing and enhancing the collection in these areas, the gallery is seeking donors to assist in its mission to present works of the highest quality. Location and opening hours The National Gallery of Art is located on the National Mall between 3rd and 9th Streets along Constitution Avenue NW and is open daily Monday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm. The gallery is closed on December 25th and January 1st. See also map, public transport, parking. 4) How close can I get to a work of art? We take great care to ensure the safety and availability of art for all. Therefore, please keep a distance of about two feet from art. Some works of art have a limit, but most don`t. This distance ensures that you or your personal belongings do not accidentally touch the art. The National Gallery of Art implements an open access policy for digital images of works of art that we believe are in the public domain. These images are available free of charge for any commercial or non-commercial use, and users do not need permission from the National Gallery of Canada to use these images.

If you have any further questions regarding your specific image request, please send us via our online form. Please note that two elevators are available outside Tower 1 and Tower 2 for elevator access throughout the East Building. To access the elevator from the ground floor, mezzanine, upper levels or towers of the East Building to the lobby level or West Building, please use the elevator located outside Tower 2. A larger elevator in Tower 1 is also available, giving access to all levels of the East Building. How do I know if a particular piece of art is currently on display? Tours are led by deaf American Sign Language guides with voice interpretation and are therefore universally accessible. You can check backpacks for free. If not, please carry it on one shoulder. From March 11, face masks are optional but recommended.

Please enter the West Building through the 6th Street and Constitution Avenue entrance. Some galleries on the ground floor are closed for renovation. The highlights are in galleries G37, G39 and G41 on the ground floor. Thank you for your understanding and patience! Learn more about renovations Laptops, cameras, fur coats and other valuables cannot be checked, but can be taken to the galleries. The National Gallery is not responsible for the loss of or damage to valuables. In galleries, labels are usually placed under or on both sides of the work. In some cases, the text is placed on a wall to display multiple works.


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