OEC Resources

We exist to create resources and deliver training that enable Christians to reach their world for Christ. Here is our ‘one stop’ shop for all our resources for you to be able to find and use.

And good news! Our new training website, EquippingDepot.org is up and running. There you’ll find our new online training courses and a growing list of our worksheet resources!

Book Resources

Our book resources are readily available at Amazon.com, including our books on the 6 Marks of a Disciple of Jesus and 6 Marks of a Church that Makes Disciples. Click here to find those resources at Amazon.com

The eBook version of our resource Being and Making Disciples in the Western Church: A First Steps Guide is available for free! Just go to the landing page for that resource and sign up for a free copy.

Print Resources

We have a growing catalog of printable resources for you to use as you seek to grow in your walk with Christ. Here is a list of those resources and links for you to be able to print them out for your own use!

5 Day a Week Bible Reading Plan

We strongly believe that growing Christians are spending time daily in God’s word. We’ve developed this Bible Reading Plan, knowing that while it may be hard to read the Bible every day, if you discipline yourself to reading 5 days a week, you’ll finish the Bible in a year, thereby both gaining the knowledge from God’s word, and by interacting directly with the living Word of God.

3-point Bible Study Tool

Many times, once you understand a passage of Scripture, you then confidently take action on it. In this 3-point Bible Study tool, you’ll be able to pick apart a passage, leading both to greater understanding, which leads to action! We love this tool! 

How to Discern God’s Will Worksheet

As we train and equip Christians to reach their world for Christ, the topic of ‘How do I know God’s will for my life?’ comes up a lot in our training. This worksheet is designed to help you develop an intimacy with God and an understanding of how to hear from God about your life and future ministry.

Reaching Your Neighbors Worksheet

As we train and equip Christians to reach their world for Christ, beginning to learn who lives in your neighborhood is so important. This worksheet is designed to help you begin learning about your neighbors and having a sheet to put up at your house to begin praying for them by name. 

How to Share Your Testimony Worksheet

Never learned how to share your ‘testimony’ of how you came to Christ? We think it’s really important and we have a worksheet entitled ‘How to Share your Testimony’ that walks you through step by step on how to create a compelling testimony of your own! 

How to Have A Quiet Time (daily time with Jesus)

Having trouble getting time daily with Jesus, and in God’s word? We have a great worksheet that will help you get started by Adrian Rodgers. 

Shareable Media Resources

We have a growing catalouge of media resources designed for you to use as you are growing, and to share with others via social media.

The Catalytic Podcast

Another tool toward Great Commission fulfillment, the podcast will help you know how to find ways to obey Christ’s command to Go, make disciples! Through practical info and informative interviews, we will help you get ‘down and dirty’ in finding ways to go deeper in your walk with Christ. Available on Apple and Google Podcasts.

One Eight Catalyst YouTube Channel

Online video content has a way of teaching and training that no other media can do. We have a number of training videos on our YouTube Channel. As you enjoy the content there feel free to share that content with others and subscribe to the channel, so you’ll always be up to date when we release new content!