One of our core goals is to mobilize Christians toward Great Commission fulfillment. Questions like, ‘What is the Great Commission?’ ‘Does it apply to me and my life?’ and ‘How do I get started in fulfilling the Great Commission command fulfillment?’ On this page, you’ll find training videos, together with the handouts for those videos.

What is the Great Commission?

In this first ‘3 Minutes of Truth’ video, our President, Mike Falkenstine, breaks down the crucial question, ‘What is the Great Commission?’

Sharing Your Testimony

We believe that every Christian should be able to ‘share the reason for the hope that they have’ in Jesus. It is a crucial part of fulfilling the Great Commission commands for your life, to be able to tell the story of how you came to Jesus. This video is intended both for an individual and group setting. As you watch this video, we’ve also got a Sharing Your Testimony Sheet to help you walk through what elements you could have in your testimony.

How to Share the Gospel using the Bridge Illustration

We believe every follower of Jesus should be able to share the Gospel and we have the latest in our Teaching and Training series of videos to teach you how to effectively share the Bridge Illustration. With this video, we also have a Bridge Illustration sheet for you to use to learn how to use this effective tool.