Welcome to my speaking page! I’m honored that you’d stop by and get to know me a little better.

I know the challenges you have in finding the right speaker for your event! I also know that when the speaker nails it, your event can be a huge success. I have a deep desire to make your job easier.

I’ve set up this page to help you answer your questions and make your process a lot easier. In general, my main job as a speaker is to serve you and the people that God has given you at your event. Whatever your objectives are for your event, they become my objectives too!

Here’s a quick look at the topics that I consider in my ‘sweet spot’ as it relates to speaking:

  • Missions and The Great Commission: Since I have so much overseas experience, together with my passion for the nations, I love talking about missions and the Great Commission
  • Our Responsibility, each one of us, in Great Commission work: Jesus’ command in Matthew 28 was not just for some of us. If you call yourself a Christian, you’re called to engage with Jesus’ command to ‘Go, make disciples.’ In these presentations, I’m praying that God would use me to spur people on to action by asking God how He would want them involved in the process of making disciples.
  • China, and God’s work in China: Mainly content from my book, The Chinese Puzzle, which is a ‘here’s what’s happening in China’ book used by ministries to train their staff. I’ve spent most of my adult life researching China, her Church and current trends in China. I am open to any manner of speaking, teaching or training on China and how to most effectively pursue your objectives in China.
  • Pursuing a Passion for Jesus Christ: Jesus clearly wants all of us; all our heart, all our mind and all of our soul. Living the Christian life is living for Jesus. The apostle Paul said it best when he wrote in Philippians 1:21, ‘For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain.’ In these presentations, it is my heart to draw the listener into a deeper relationship with Jesus and commitment to Jesus.
  • The Spiritual Disciplines, a topic I first learned a lot about from my days with The Navigators and continued my whole adult life. Developing certain Spiritual Disciplines in the Christians’ life can be a great help in walking with Jesus daily and grow in our love and understanding of Him.


What you can expect


When you invite me to speak, here are five things you can expect from me:

  •    Quick replies to your phone calls and emails personally from me.
  •    Several mentions about your event on my social media.
  •    A dynamic presentation tailored to fit your objectives, organization, and audience.
  •    1-on-1 engagement with the audience after the presentation, or if a weekend event, after each presentation
  •    A short follow-up contact after the event to make sure I met your expectations.

Finally, here is an example of a talk I recently gave, to give you an idea of my style and ability. This talk is on each Christians’ responsibility to the Great Commission commands: