Episode 55: Ministry Burnout – The Basics

This is very special and personal episode of the podcast for our President, Mike Falkenstine. In 2013, he developed Ministry Burnout and is just now getting to a stage of complete recovery. The 3 years in between have been some of the hardest years of his life. And while they have been really hard and have included depression, minor suicidal thoughts and a loss of much of my previous ministry, he is also coming out of the time as a new Mike Falkenstine.

His quick word for anyone whose found this podcast episode because you’re searching for answers through your own Burnout journey is this: First, you will get through it and you will recover and Second, lean hard into what God is doing in this season of your life and get all you can out of it because He’s putting you through this for a reason. Finally, please feel free to contact him via the contact details on this website. He would love to help you in any way he can!

Here are a couple of the key resources he has found helpful as I was trying to figure out what was going on with him, and then how to recover:

Carey Nieuwhof Blog Posts on Burnout

Carey Nieuwhof, a pastor in Canada, was one of the key people God used to help Mike. Carey’s blog posts in particular, were so helpful! Mike realized that what was happening to him was not unusual, was not wrong, and that there was a road to recovery.

Enrichment Journal Article On Burnout

Of the best articles he has found for understanding what Ministry Burnout is, what the normal symptoms are and provides a pretty clear road to recovery


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