Episode 77 – Interview with The Art of Neighboring’s Dave Runyon

In this episode of the podcast, Mike interview’s Dave Runyon, the author of The Art of Neighboring, Building Genuine Relationships right outside your door. Dave is also co-founder and director of CityUnite, which helps government, business, and faith leaders unite around common causes. In this interview, Mike and Dave talk about Dave’s process of how he got to a place where he realized he needed to be more intentional about reaching neighbors, and the ups and downs of the process. This is one of our favorite interview episodes and is a great one to listen to as a companion to his book, which we highly recommend. Here’s a few links to learn more:

The Art of Neighboring on Amazon

Dave and his co-author Jay Pathak, have a complimentary website that has many more resources and tools to help you and your church to learn how to most effectively reach neighbors.

Finally to learn more about Dave’s work with City Unite, click the link here!


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