Episode 10: Finding Great Commission Fulfillment – Part 2 of 2

This is our ‘resources’ episode, giving people 9 key resource categories for Great Commission fulfillment. As promised on the episode, I’m posting a number of links to resources mentioned on the episode. Enjoy !

Resources for Great Commission Fulfillment

  1. Prayer

In terms of learning how to pray in order to train your ‘ear’ to hear God, I would point you to a blog post I just wrote about prayer. If you use the suggestions in the post, that is a good place to start!

  1. TAWG

My acronym for Time Alone with God, it’s a time I get every Friday morning for an hour or two. This resource from The Navigators is a great ‘guide’ for learning how to spend extended time with the Lord.

  1. Spiritual Gifts Test

As I mentioned in this episode, there are paper versions and online versions of Spiritual Gifts tests. My favorite paper version is one called Breakthru spiritual gifts diagnostic inventory and can be found here. In terms of online versions, there are so many that are good. Click here for a google search page I found, and take your pick on which test is best for you!

  1. Pioneers ‘Missions Assessment Profile’

This is a great profile test to determine if your gifts, temperament and life goals match up with those needed to succeed on the Missions field. You can find this test through the Pioneers online store. 

  1. Know how to share the Gospel

As I mentioned on the podcast episode, I find the Bridge Illustration as the most effective way to share the Gospel with others. Here’s the link to a great site describing how to use the Bridge.

  1. Talk to the Pastors at your church

No real links here. Just an encouragement to talk to the pastors at your church and tell them you want to find Great Commission fulfillment!

  1. Go on a short term missions trip

While I haven’t used this website before, it sure seems like the friends at ShortTermMissions.com have a great resource to find a missions trip that meets what it seems that God is doing or areas of the world that you think God may be sending you!

I hope and pray that this episode has been a great resource! What other resources would you like to see from me?


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