Episode 26: Interview with Todd Wagner and Friends of Watermark Church

In another great interview episode, I had the distinct pleasure to interview Todd Wagner, Senior Pastor at Watermark Church and three of his staff members: Jeff Ward, Rick Howard and Benson Hines. I asked them our Made For Missions 3 Questions, but the conversation took a great turn towards, I think, how a church can and should be on point about making sure each member is discovering their place in Great Commission Fulfillment. There are a ton of resources that Watermark Church offers, but here is a listing of some of the resources mentioned in the interview:

Resources I mentioned that I’ve been blessed with:

Real Truth, Real Quick: A Weekly Video Series that Todd Wagner and Rick Smith record, covering a multitude of Christian topics.

What it means to be God’s Man: As I’ve raised my 15 year old son, I have sought tools that help me raise him both in a way distinctly different than I was raised, but more importantly, in a way that will raise him up as a Godly man someday. There are a lot of tools out there to help men raise their boys, but as I ran across Todd’s 5 points to what it means to be God’s man, it’s given Isaac and I something to use as a compass as we meet monthly and talk about being God’s man.

Other Tools They Mentioned in the Episode:


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