Free Ebook

We are happy to announce that our new book resource Being and Making Disciples in the Western Church: A First Steps Guide is now available! And we’d love to get you a complimentary copy of the eBook version of the book.

As we create resources and deliver training that is a catalyst enabling every Christian to reach their world for Christ, we felt called to address some major challenges within the Western Church and some incredible opportunities we have! As you read the book, we hope it will be a blessing to you and to your home church!

Of course, as you read the book, please feel free to share it with those at your home church. For those that prefer a paperback version, it is available on for $4.99. Be sure to get copies for all the leadership at your church!

To receive your complimentary copy of the book, please fill out the form below and we will send you the file version you request via email. Thank you again and once you’re finished with the book, if you’d leave us a review here, we’d appreciate it!