Discover One Eight Catalyst!

Welcome to One Eight Catalyst! On this page, we’ll direct you to the resources and directions you need to find out more about our organization.

As an overview, here is the 6-minute video that we created for our ‘About Us’ page of our website. It’s a great ‘first step’ to learning about our organization:

As Mike mentions in the video, we exist to create resources and training that helps Christians grow spiritually, with a heart that Christians that are growing spiritually want to reach their world for Christ. Jesus has commanded us all to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples, and we’re here to help YOU do that. There are a couple of key ways we’re doing that.

Book Resources

Our Book Resources were the first way that God directed us to go. Now with 4 new books on being a disciple of Jesus, or making disciples, we have a deep heart to help you grow in your walk.

Online Training Portal

We recently created a new online training portal at As you go to the site, you’ll see that we have online video courses, printed worksheets, and a listing of our growing book resources. If you don’t know how to share your testimony or share the Gospel, you can learn by taking one of our video courses.

Online and Media Resources

We have a great stable of online video and audio media resources. On our YouTube Channel, we have practical videos describing how to grow in your walk toward reaching your world for Christ. Our President, Mike Falkenstine has a separate YouTube Channel helping Christians to engage Biblical with our culture. Our podcast is a growing favorite with many that has practical tools toward finding Great Commission fulfillment. The Catalytic Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. As you find these resources, enjoy them, and be sure to subscribe!

Our First Documentary Film

Finally, We’re creating our first documentary! If Only to Obey: A Film on the Commands of Jesus and John 14 will be completed in 2023, and we trust God to use this film to ‘stir up’ the North American Church. The goal is to have individuals and churches use this film to reach more of the world for Christ. Christians have the lifesaving message of the Gospel come be a part of this incredible opportunity to engage people in the Great Commission.