Making Disciples….. A Church Priority

As we talk at One Eight Catalyst about fulfilling the Great Commission, we realize that making disciples is not just a individual mandate. In fact, God has clear plans for the church to band together to make disciples, because it is clear throughout Scripture that 1. Life was meant for us as Christians to be lived in community, and 2. that community where the ‘one anothers’ of Scripture is practiced and observed is an attractional piece for the non-Christian world who is watching and looking for any reason to criticize us as Christians.

In this video, David Platt does a great job of laying out what role the making of disciples of all nations should play in the life of the local church. Please watch the video, and for those who are Church leaders, may we encourage you to show this video as a entry to a conversation with your team. In particular, David mentioned how Making Disciples of all nations is the filter by which they make all decisions at the Church of  Brook Hills; financial, organizational, staff, program decisions – all made through the lens of ‘How do we most effectively make disciples of all nations.’

May there be far more churches who organize their priorities in this way. How would you say your church is doing in this area?


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